The TIAKI Promise (meaning ‘protect’ in Maori) is an initiative of the New Zealand Tourism Board, a commitment to care for and preserve New Zealand’s environment now, and for future generations.

By adhering to the TIAKI promise, Antipodes Travel is committed to acting as a guardian: protecting our environment and educating our customers to do the same once they arrive in New Zealand.

By visiting New Zealand, you too, as a tourist, agree to:

  • To take care of the land, the sea and nature by being aware of my ecological footprint and leaving no trace of my passage.
  • To be attentive to your safety and respectful of the environment.
  • By treating local culture with an open mind and heart.


How to respect New Zealand?

When driving carefully,

  • By being prepared for weather conditions,
  • By showing respect to others,
  • By protecting nature and the environment,
  • By leaving New Zealand clean.


How does this TIAKI promise translate into Antipodes Travel?

We involve our clients in the organization of their stay and advise them on authentic experiences to discover the natural beauties of Aotearoa, and meet the local populations. By living there, we have a great knowledge of our environment and provide the keys to better understand it.

We encourage travelers to take their time. And not only travel by car or campervan, but also explore New Zealand by bike, kayak, on foot, on horseback, by train.

In our guided tours in New Zealand, our guides place a large emphasis on the interpretation of places and cultures, providing keys to better understanding this country. Our guides also ensure the safety of our clients, which allows them to travel with complete peace of mind.

We support the Orokonui Eco-Sanctuary near Dunedin, which protects endangered endemic animals including kiwi, tuatara and takahe.

We also support the Pohutu Penguins Conservation Project in Akaroa, which protects rare pygmy penguins.

And we are a donor to Forest & Bird, a national environmental organization.

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