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Dunedin will reveal itself to those who take the time to discover its treasures. Your local guide will tell you the story of this Edinburgh of the South, who is first in many areas: 1st “city” in New Zealand, 1st medical school, 1st daily newspaper, 1st botanical garden, 1st secondary school for girls… This little city has great character!


What our expert says:
“Could this little city be the best place to live in New Zealand? That’s what we think, come and check it out for yourself with this guided tour.”


You may know the city of Edinburgh, in Scotland, but have you heard of the ‘Edinburgh of the South?’ Yes, that’s the nickname of Dunedin, built by Scots who came to exile on the other side of the world in the 19th century. Who would have guessed that a few years later, Dunedin would become the wealthiest city in the country, and one of the most pleasant places to live in!

We show you this with a half-day of discovery accompanied by an experienced local guide. As you stroll by their side, they will share their passion for Dunedin: its rich architectural heritage, its unpretentious cultural significance, and its easy accessibility. You will also be provided with a short coffee/tea break.

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What The Package Includes
  • The Train Station

  • The Octagon

  • George Street

  • The Otago University

  • One of the museums (Choose from: Otago Museum, the Art Gallery or the Settlers Museum).

Your guide will adapt to your interests and level of mobility.


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