Landscape photography workshop in Dunedin & the Otago Peninsula


1 Day


1 to 6 people


English or French

Do you want to show your landscape photos to your friends without boring them? Are you reluctant to switch your camera from “automatic” to the more creative “manual” mode? Yoann Feillet, a Kiwi/French professional tour guide and photographer who has lived in Dunedin for over 20 years, will guide you on a day of discovery of nature photography in Dunedin & the Otago Peninsula.

This workshop is ideal if you are just starting out in photography, if you are newly equipped or if you want to consolidate your experience with a professional photographer, in a relaxed atmosphere in Dunedin and on the beautiful Otago Peninsula.

Check Yoann’s website:


  • A discovery day of nature photography around Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula.
  • Learn the basic techniques in camera use, composition and natural lighting.
  • An A4 print of your best photo of the day.
  • A personalised feedback of your top pics of the day.

More Information

Workshop Program
  • Meet with Yoann in our office near the Octagon.
  • 1 hour to 1 ½ hour of photography techniques « the basics ».
  • Departure for our first landscape shoot location.
  • Picnic lunch (not included).
  • More of photography techniques and camera gear (nothing boring!).
  • Landscape shooting.
  • Back to Dunedin at about 4pm.

Check Yoann’s website here :

What You'll Learn
  • What gear to use for Nature Photography (DSLR, Mirrorless, lenses, tripods, filters…)
  • Getting the best of your camera equipment. (basic and advanced functions)
  • Composition: Rule of Thirds, leading lines, breaking the rules
  • Magic trio: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO
  • How to correctly expose an image
  • How to use the depth of field and play with the light
  • How to free yourself from the boring “auto mode”
  • Overview of post-processing (Lightroom) and Macrophotography.
  • Long exposure
What To Bring
  • DSLR or mirrorless camera and related lenses (a wide angle 14-24mm, a standard zoom 24-70mm and a telephoto lens 70-200mm)
    Sturdy tripod
  • Memory cards and batteries
  • Outdoor clothes and sturdy shoes
  • Something to protect your equipment in case of rain (plastic bag)
  • Picnic lunch and water

Optional Equipment:

  • Neutral density filters for long exposures
  • Remote shutter release
  • Memory cards for backing up photos
  • Laptop with Lightroom CC Classic pre-installed
  • Your camera user manual (just in case)

From NZD250 per person. The price depends on the number of participants. 

1 person: NZD890
2 people: NZD460 per person
3 people: NZD320 per person
4 people: NZD280 per person
5 people: NZD260 per person
6 people: NZD250 per person

Price includes:

  • Services of Yoann Feillet, a Kiwi/French professional tour guide and photographer, based in Dunedin (
  • Workshop run in English (also available in French)
  • Transfer from/to our office in central Dunedin, near the Octagon
  • Department of Conservation concessions fees
  • One A4 print of your best shot of the day
  • A personalised feedback of your top pics
  • GST

Price doesn’t include:

  • Picnic Lunch


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